Express transport in dedicated vehicles
Specialists in express transport in dedicated vehicles - Sanditruck

History of the company

Company founded in 2000, by Antonio Martínez and Margot Mueller. With a combined experience of more than 15 years in the world of international transport.
The company's beginnings are in express transport using dedicated vehicles, working exclusively in the automotive sector.
During these 20 years, the company has been expanding its services to other sectors that, either because of their urgency or because of the nature of the goods, need dedicated vehicle transport, thus extending the concept of "Premium Logistics" to such diverse sectors as
Automotive, Chemical, Fairs and Exhibitions, Health Care, Controlled Temperature,Industry 4.0 and supply to hospitals of medical equipment to the end user


Our staff,
our best asset

All of us at SandiTruck are focused on a common goal: to always find the best solution to your logistics challenges and make your cargo our priority.

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Work system

Our commitment to our customers:

Service request
Confirms load and vehicle departure

Confirms receipt of request
Confirms Vehicle – cost – transit time
Confirms details at loading point (packages, weights, destination)
Monitoring of the vehicle during transit
Confirms arrival to destination, unloading and send proof of delivery(POD)
Issuance of request
Acknowledgment of receipt
Offer issuance Issuance of service order
Check instruccions en punt de càrrega
Real time monitoring
Send POD

Do you want to work with us ?


Do you want to work with us ?
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