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SANDITRUCK, S.L.U. has as main objective to provide customers with a service that meets their demands, providing real solutions to specific problems, complying with and respecting current legislation. To strengthen the commitment to Quality, the Organization has decided to implement a Quality Management system for the “TRANSPORT OF HIGH TECHNOLOGY HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT”, in accordance with the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015.

Quality is a commitment of the company and an individual responsibility of each member of the group, which must be reflected in concrete actions that internally and externally reflect an image of SANDITRUCK, S.L.U. that identifies with the professionalism and quality of service to our clients.

To achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we will apply and guide our system to achieve the following objectives:
Constantly control that we always respond to the demands and expectations of customers.
Commit to compliance with all the regulations and laws that are applicable to us and regulations of those organizations and / or groups of which they are part.
Provide the appropriate means so that all staff can freely identify and eliminate obstacles that prevent quality improvement in their workplace to achieve continuous improvement.
Consider continuous improvement a permanent objective that increases the quality perceived by our clients.
Correct the non-conformities that occur but putting means in prevention to avoid repetition.
Consider the execution of service deadlines, punctuality and maintain trust between our clients and suppliers as key points in the daily management of the company.
Promote a participatory environment among employees, integrating in the common objective and improving communications that facilitate teamwork, individual recognition and suggestions for improvement.

This Quality Policy is communicated to all company workers, through its exhibition in the facilities of the same and is available to the public, having access to any person outside the company who so wishes.

Annually and coinciding with the review by the Company's Management, this policy is reviewed to see if it is necessary to add or modify any point for a change in the way the Company operates, thus allowing it to be always appropriate to the operation of the company.

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SANDITRUCK, S.L.U. We are fully aware that we are part of the supply chain of pharmaceutical and health products for human use and that proper handling of them during transport is crucial for the safety of the products that our customers entrust to us and for them to reach their destination in optimal hygienic and temperature conditions.

For this reason, we have included in our Quality System, the basis and principle of our way of operating, everything that concerns us due to our activity in relation to:
Royal Decree 782/2013, of October 11, on the distribution of medicines for human use.
Guidelines of November 5, 2013 on correct practices for the distribution of medicines for human use. (2013/C 343/01).
Guidelines of March 19, 2015 on correct practices for the distribution of active ingredients for medicinal products for human use (Text relevant for EEA purposes) (2015/C 95/01).

Thus, we implemented a Distribution Management System for Pharmaceutical and Health Products, documented and certified by GDP (Guide to Good Practices for the Distribution of Medicines), which helps us achieve the following objectives:
Guarantee our customers the safety and innocuousness of their products during the stage of transportation.
Train and motivate staff in relation to quality, good hygiene practices and their responsibility for maintaining product safety.
Continuously improve the Management System implemented through annual audits according to GDP criteria.

Our challenge is to place SANDITRUCK, S.L.U. as a reference company in the pharmaceutical and health products transport sector, offering the client the maximum guarantee and the best hygienic and service conditions.

And as a sign of commitment, the Management of SANDITRUCK, S.L.U. has defined this Good Distribution Practices Policy, which it makes available to customers, suppliers, employees and other interested parties, and which it will review periodically to ensure that it corresponds to the reality and needs of the organization.

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